Ambedkar’s Message to Women Needs To Be Revisited Now

History always has something to learn from. For India, BR Ambedkar is that gold mine, which never disappoints. A man who wanted no fame or bhakts, whose life motto was to just get people, to think clearly. He is a man who must be re-read for his scientific temperament, knowledge and fierceness but unfortunately, he has been slowly going extinct from our textbooks. Also what is unfortunate is that the vices that he had pointed out in his time, are still relevant. If you thought of him just as the ‘Father of Indian Constitution’, read the below text to visualise this fierce feminist in him, each and every word as if gold plated.

Ambedkar’s Message to Women

From Bhalchandra Mungekar’s ‘The Essential Ambedkar’

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No offence but What the Sindoor?

Sindoor, Mangal Sutra, Red Bindi, Huge Green/Red Bangles and Ring in the middle finger- are some of the societal customs that signify that a woman is married. This is not a feminist rant. But two valid questions to think about:

1. Why exactly do we need anything that signifies a married person?
2. And if we really do, why exactly don’t we have such things for men?

Bangles and Sindoor: Just for reference


And if you don’t find a valid answer, please- Think. These customs were perhaps made according to some thoughts by the people in the previous generation. I could call them mysoginists, and we could debate meaninglessly over that. But there’s no point (apart from historical analysis) in trying to find logic in that. But in today’s day and age, there’s no logic why these systems should exist today. We generally put marks and symbols on what we own, like our house or our cows, dogs, other cattle and pets. For a fact, a man does not own his wife so evidently there need not be any symbol representing a married woman.  Continue reading “No offence but What the Sindoor?”

Repeat After Me: Feminism is not Anti-Man and Men’s Rights Activism need not be Anti-Feminist either

Repeat After Me: Feminism is not Anti-Man and Men’s Rights Activism need not be Anti-Feminist either

“The banquet hall in the three-star hotel on the outskirts of Mumbai was crammed with tables and testosterone.”

begins the BuzzFeed article celebrating four women who are working towards supporting male rights. No problem. Men’s Rights Activist conference. So what could be a possible agenda in there? Hmm? Talking about how there are certain laws where men need help. Right. Talking about how to save genuine men who are falsely trapped into domestic violence and other false charges. Even better.

But no, they went ahead to make boards on display, called “Feminism is Cruelty”, “If Feminism was about equality, there won’t be any Men Rights Activist” and the epic: “Mother-in-law is also a woman”.

The debate isn’t about whether Men’s Rights activists are needed. I am sure there are. But here are my precise questions on articles like these: Continue reading “Repeat After Me: Feminism is not Anti-Man and Men’s Rights Activism need not be Anti-Feminist either”

What a man must not do: Chivalry Diaries

There is nothing in the world that he ‘must not do’. There is no work that is low level and nothing hurts his ego. The male ego is an essential part of the quintessential Indian society. But to him, it’s an alien concept. Nothing bothers him. He is the only child of his widow mother and has seen the toughest possible times that a person his age ideally should have. His friends were busy buying toys and other things while he was helping his mom with home chores. When his friends were getting two wheelers, he would walk long roads for saving some tens or twenties. They’ve seen it all.


And so when you see him today, nothing like a monster called male ego, stops him from doing something. He would willingly sweep the floors when the maid isn’t around because his mother has a spine problem. He helps her learn different tricks of stock market and helps her file her IT returns. She also makes pickles and other delicious foods and boy, she has many buyers. She is otherwise a home-maker. He recently motivated her to learn how to operate computer, something that she wanted to do for years. He found a nearby computer center aimed for empowering women and got her registered there. She has joined it and looks like she will soon manage her own accounts. He has seen his mom struggle and bravely come out of difficult times. And that’s his idea about women in general. He knows anyone can do anything and no one is made to do a certain kind of thing.

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A Woman’s Body (Love Yourself)


Touch yourself today.

But do not look in the mirror!

It makes you hate, it’s a critic.

If you want love,

You need to love yourself first.


Touch your face, feel the softness,

And that acne that makes you human!

Your lips are the most perfect ever

As there is no replica,

As they are one in a million.


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