“The banquet hall in the three-star hotel on the outskirts of Mumbai was crammed with tables and testosterone.”

begins the BuzzFeed article celebrating four women who are working towards supporting male rights. No problem. Men’s Rights Activist conference. So what could be a possible agenda in there? Hmm? Talking about how there are certain laws where men need help. Right. Talking about how to save genuine men who are falsely trapped into domestic violence and other false charges. Even better.

But no, they went ahead to make boards on display, called “Feminism is Cruelty”, “If Feminism was about equality, there won’t be any Men Rights Activist” and the epic: “Mother-in-law is also a woman”.

The debate isn’t about whether Men’s Rights activists are needed. I am sure there are. But here are my precise questions on articles like these:

  1. What is the magnitude of Men Rights Violation over Women’s today in the country?
  2. Why does supporting Men’s Rights have to be anti-women and anti-feminism? Shouldn’t they be pro-man only?



Clearly certain women have misunderstood and used feminism as a tool against men. But that doesn’t change the fact that it just says those women are wrong and what they are practicing isn’t feminism either. Sometimes when we standup against such women, we misunderstand it as standing against feminism. Looking at the magnitude of Indian patriarchy, Feminism is definitely not cruelty. Feminism is obvious and inevitable and there is no doubt in that. There are no perfect, textbook feminists. Like there are no perfect women. Like there are no perfect men. Like it is wrong to say all men are rapists.  

This was my response to a recent article featured on Buzzfeed, a site that largely features open-minded articles. Even when I personally respect the freedom of speech  expressed in those 13 messages to Feminists, it is just hurtful to see so much hatred for feminism. Not only is it unnecessary, but also looks like a propaganda in its own. And then of course, we’ll have our certain male friends reading it and sharing it with along with those ‘husbands-the victim of wives’ jokes.

Exactly how it feels to read “Victim Husband Jokes”


In the end, if you are a strong anti-feminist, you are actually proving the point; about us, as a society, being highly patriarchal. This is as funny as giving a violent response when you are being called intolerant.


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