A Woman’s Body (Love Yourself)


Touch yourself today.

But do not look in the mirror!

It makes you hate, it’s a critic.

If you want love,

You need to love yourself first.


Touch your face, feel the softness,

And that acne that makes you human!

Your lips are the most perfect ever

As there is no replica,

As they are one in a million.


Touch your breasts, gently caress,

Don’t wear a bra today!

Close your eyes and embrace the freedom…

As there is nothing more beautiful,

Yet forever caged.


Pamper your self today,

But not like in the spa.

Love your curves, they aren’t flaws,

As there is no comparison,

And just no one like you.


Your fingers go lower,

To the most special part.

You never tried to make it happy,

As you always wanted love from others.

You never mastered the Art.


Your lower back misses you,

It’s not impure.

It defines your beauty if you love it enough…

As it completes your shape,

While you saw it like filth.


See beyond the pedicure,

The nerves on your feet look gorgeous,

You need to see beyond the tan too,

As you haven’t seen before

And there is so much more!


Look down, it’s your own body!

It needs love not a new fabric,

It deserves your love and care…

As you’ve never loved it enough

And it feels suffocated.———————–


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