Mini Stories: The Best of He and She

Mini Stories: The Best of He and She

Keeping aside all the serious shit that I write, I’ve written a lot of couplets called ‘he and she’ over the years. These are just fictional but relatable conversations between two people. These are all different characters, different people going through different situations. They don’t have a context and don’t mean to generalise. Think of them as characters. I thought to compile my favourites today.


She’d ask him: “Do you think I am crazy?”
“Noooooo way!” he’d confirm.
And she’d believe him.
In fact, if there was a test, you’d know that he too was crazy.

(After a terrible fight)
He: I’m sorry! But it’s just that you’re the only person I am so close too, and hence I find it easier to let my anger out on you. Aren’t you also my best friend?!!
She: Not really, no. I don’t want to be your best friend then. Please treat me like an acquaintance!

He said, “I love you”.
It sounded like “Please don’t leave me.”
So she asked, “Why? Why do you love me”
He said, “Why? We’ve been together since school!”
It sounded like, “If you leave me now, what will people say?”
The End.

Romance and Love

She was his calm. He was her story.

She wasn’t a big fan of “the lights”. She liked it a little dim. All the time. She knew people who liked it bright all the time and they’d say darkness is very ‘negative’ and ‘depressing’. But she could not understand that philosophical concept of ‘light’ and ‘positivity’ either. Darkness could be comforting too. It was, for her at least.

He was clearly more important. His thought would come before her breath.

She couldn’t sleep while thinking of him. He kept his eyes closed and dreamt of her.

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Save the Romeo, the Majnu and the Krishna

Love is against Indian culture suddenly. Eve-teasing, Molestation and rape aren’t but two consenting adults falling in love is suddenly a national issue to be solved. Love is a problem. Like Trump’s MakeAmericaGreatAgain, Uttar Pradesh CM, Yogi Adityanath on his on-the-job-training has begun his magic tricks to make UP safe again. What has followed is banning of Tundey kebab, closing, burning of slaughterhouses and of course beating up couples meeting in public. Various morality guardians like the principal of Meerut College have come out and said,

‘It is against Indian culture for girls to have boyfriends.” (How about girls having girlfriends? Well, that’s not even “natural”, right?)

Lovers talking to each other are being captured on camera with their faces blurred like they are committing some crime out there. Such moral shaming is to be condemned. Not to give undue credit to Yogi, this is not the first time this is happening. But this is a good way to distract the qualifications and the clear contradictions of the UP chief minister about whom the PM has said that he needs experience and knowledge and will be guided further.  Continue reading “Save the Romeo, the Majnu and the Krishna”

What If

What is with the urge
Of that one last meeting
Before you leave
Even it is for coming back
And what if you don’t?
But I know you would
And it’s not like
I’d come to drop you
To the airport or the train station
I am bad at saying goodbyes..
That will be unnecessary
Unless you are not coming back.
But you are
So what is with the urge
Of seeing you one last time
Getting a bear hug
And giving one
As if it is the last time
Even if it is not
And what if it is?
But I know you would.

The Other Angle: “How To Care”

The Other Angle: “How To Care”

“My Grandpa passed away last week.”

“Oh, I am so sorry, what happened?”

“He had lung cancer.”

“Oh really! O my god, this is shocking! But he never smoked! Didn’t he always workout, had a healthy diet and was so sporty…How come!!!”

A Guide for Dummies: How to Care When They Are in a Low Phase

While mental health is still underestimated in our country, people still go through what life brings in for them. Whether it is about the death of a close person or losing a job or a break-up, we’ve been in all those situations and also on the other side of it. It is not enough to be concerned.

  1. Frame Your Question Before Asking: When someone tells you ‘I just lost my job due to demonetization’ if it is sudden, it obviously too much to take. But take a deep breath and think before you respond. Do not ask pointed questions, straight out of your mind. Don’t say one of these things:
  • “Oh. Sad! So what’s next?” If they just lost their job or quit, there are higher chances that they don’t know what’s next.
  • “I’m so sorry but overall demonetization has helped the country so much!” Nationalistic shit doesn’t help at this point.
  •  “What will happen now? Will you get the next job?” What choice does one have? One has to get a job or do something.
  • “Will your girl/boyfriend break up with you now?” No, they won’t. If they do, they don’t deserve me.
  • “Ah… it’s too easy to get a job these days.” No, it isn’t.

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Lust for Life | Irving Stone | Vincent Van Gogh’s Bio: Book Review

Book reviews can be really complicated or the simplest of all. They are simple because you just have to say how it felt. Complicated because a person can only give their opinion or how they felt about a book, generalizations generally don’t serve the purpose. Also most classic books have plenty of book reviews already so why one more? Umm, because everyone feels differently and pens differently.

Lust for Life by Irving Stone (Vincent Van Gogh’s biography) came in my life early this year, somewhere mid January 2016, recommended by a dear friend. I finished it just in the beginning of March, which is really a long period of time for me. I don’t believe in ‘Book Fidelity’ (read one book at a time, and finish from start to end), I read multiple books in the same period of time, and very much naturally. That’s perhaps how I read books a little quicker than most people do. But Lust for Life was different. Continue reading “Lust for Life | Irving Stone | Vincent Van Gogh’s Bio: Book Review”

An Open Letter to Indian Daughters (like me)

Dear Daughters like me,

Although this post might look a little contradictory to my feminism-freedom-rebel saga, I see a thin line of difference here. I decided I wanted to tell you this because it took me a great time to realize this and it is necessary for all of us to unite on this.

With every passing day, I feel it is becoming increasingly tricky and difficult to be Parents of a Daughter. Just Imagine,  times when we are out, they might be sitting at home watching TV, back to back telecast of those brutal gang-rapes and murders thereafter, and other heinous crimes committed against women all over the country;  it raises a chill down their spines, and they reluctantly but inevitably call us just to check if we are fine and they freak out when we don’t pick up.

There are times we give a long sigh before picking up their calls, considering it as an intrusion to our privacy. We want more and more space. And the more we push them away, the more they want to know.

I am not saying they totally understand us and everything that they expect from us is right. They don’t and neither do we.

I think it’s time we go a little more closer to our parents and empathize with them a little more.

And anyway if you can manage tens of Whatsapp groups with mostly and infinitely useless conversations, also keeping track of who is doing what and where, while multi-tasking chats with working-eating-driving-peeing; why not also make one group with them? Why not talk to them apart from work and why not answer their questions for once; however meaningless they seem to you, remember they’ve answered much, much worse for you. Why do we assume that they won’t understand?

So think, Why not? Such things never get a petition but actually they are pretty serious. Let’s give them all the love that they deserve.

#DearestDaughters #LetsEmpathize