The Traveller’s Discourse: Tourists vs Locals

Being dumb is the birthright of a traveller. And why not- you land up in a totally new place with specific expectations, knowing not much (or worse is knowing nothing), and then you try to figure out one thing at a time. For example, it is a heated afternoon, empty road and you can either look at the google maps or the signal while the traffic cop doesn’t know that it is very normal in your own city to skip signals in the afternoon. We like to ask for directions as many times as possible. It’s the tourist’s right to stand right in front of Red Fort and ask where is Red Fort. It can get tricky to be dumb in Mumbai or Pune because you’ll get one back:
“Bandra kis taraf hai, bhaiya?”
“Har taraf Bandra hi hai madam ab toh. Aap Bandra mein hi khade ho. Ab aage kaha jaana hai wo socho.”

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Glimpses from the Artsy Udaipur

This was my second trip to Udaipur in the same year. When I went there in February, I had a little time at bay, me and a friend; we had decided to skip looking at the City Museum and, instead went to the old city.


And this time when I am back, I am even more intrigued with the same question I had left with, the previous time. What makes Udaipur so creative with its wall art, sign boards and those little things they do to stand out. Is it a part of the creative and colourful culture of Rajasthan? It has lakes, forts, and all the Royal palaces, for sure. But this is something I just could not ignore.

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How I travelled once a month for an entire year!

I was going to turn 24 last May. Just like I turned 25 this May. “23” was one hell of a year. It’s perhaps like that for a lot of people. There’s so much to do, so many expectations and somehow you always fall shot. It can get depressing, and everyone around you seems to be doing much better than you. Then “24” sets some imaginary benchmarks. Especially the society around you, who wishes you should have been married and pregnant with your first child until then. But luckily not my folks, they were instead worried that if I do not pursue post-graduation now, when will I do it? (about which I still haven’t decided anything) But somehow I heard it made me think that the clock was ticking, for all the important things that I’ve always wanted to do.

Like most of us, I had dreams of travelling (although I never put travelling as a hobby in my CV, for that matter, I never had a CV) and I thought I too will travel one day, when there’s stability and I have the time and the money. And then I thought what if I die before that time or money comes into my life? There are/were some really inspiring friends (on Facebook) who were travelling for their job, some travel as a part of their job and some just travel. I respect them so much. I did not have that luxury. I had my company, which is almost like having a baby. It is your first love and your responsibility. So I decided to find a midway out. Most of the times we wait for new year to set a resolution but I made one on my birthday, that 24 is going to be the year when I travel once a month, mostly weekends but at least once a month. I made the resolution first and then figured out the ‘how’, ‘when’, ‘where’ and with ‘whom’.


L to R: Diu, Jodhpur, Kaas, Dandi, Ranthambore, Dang, Sula, Mussourie, Jaipur Literature Festival, Udaipur
L to R: Diu, Rao Jodha National Park, Jodhpur, Kaas, Dandi, Ranthambore, Dang, Sula, Mussourie, Jaipur Literature Festival and Udaipur

It’s been a full circle, one full year today and I’ve fulfilled my resolution. It’s not been easy.

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Har Sheher Kuch Kehta hai: Udaipur Interesting Boards and Walls

Har Sheher Kuch Kehta hai: Udaipur Interesting Boards and Walls

If you want to experience a city in its entirety, you must explore their old city. Past weekend,  during a walk in the Udaipur old city, I realised it is is most definitely the most unmissable experiences in Udaipur which is otherwise known for its city palace and lakes. In the old city, you’ll find interesting eye pleasing clothes and jewellery, also lip smacking gulab jamun and other sweets and houses in narrow lanes. People are warm and courteous. You could find some  Store owners fluent in English and are experts in their own field.

I’ve always seen a relation of our ads and promotions to what we actually are and how we see things. Sometimes these are cheesy, at times funny in their own ways. Here are some of the interesting bill boards and walls I found in Udaipur old city.

(Piercing quite literally, editing not really)

(Sensually fragrant)
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