Save the Romeo, the Majnu and the Krishna

Love is against Indian culture suddenly. Eve-teasing, Molestation and rape aren’t but two consenting adults falling in love is suddenly a national issue to be solved. Love is a problem. Like Trump’s MakeAmericaGreatAgain, Uttar Pradesh CM, Yogi Adityanath on his on-the-job-training has begun his magic tricks to make UP safe again. What has followed is banning of Tundey kebab, closing, burning of slaughterhouses and of course beating up couples meeting in public. Various morality guardians like the principal of Meerut College have come out and said,

‘It is against Indian culture for girls to have boyfriends.” (How about girls having girlfriends? Well, that’s not even “natural”, right?)

Lovers talking to each other are being captured on camera with their faces blurred like they are committing some crime out there. Such moral shaming is to be condemned. Not to give undue credit to Yogi, this is not the first time this is happening. But this is a good way to distract the qualifications and the clear contradictions of the UP chief minister about whom the PM has said that he needs experience and knowledge and will be guided further. 

Indian Culture vs Radha and Krishna

The two most sought after mythological characters and gods were in a relationship without marriage. We see images of them playing raas, going around the gardens, etc. And we derive beautiful aesthetic value out of it. But if the same is done by a regular boy and girl today, it becomes ‘against Indian culture’. So how do you justify their love? What is this Indian culture after all? Is it a book?

The Law

In the garb of safety and culture, everyone is hitting darts on adults in love. The Indian law states that two consenting adults can have sex once they are 16 while they can marry only after the girl is 18 and the boy is 21. So even legally, unmarried people will have sex. This one was for the nut cases.

They say, “A girl and a guy can never be friends. If he is such a good friend, he must go to the girl’s parents and seek permission..” But why? In a country where there is such a big problem of inter-caste marriages, where love is still considered to be a taboo, why will the children want to tell their parents before they think it is time? If your children are not telling you, it is you who haven’t made them feel comfortable enough. There are of course children of progressive parents who tell them about the relationships, where sometimes the parents are also the chaperone. Why can’t two people date without having to think about marriage?

The Wealthy Romeo-Juliet are Safe, It’s the Poor Ones That Get Beaten

It is okay if you meet her in a posh cafe shop, no one will come to beat you. Movie Theatre is also fine (yet). Costly hotel rooms are cosy enough. But if you want to meet her in a pocket-friendly way, in a public space or a garden, that is a problem. Morality quotient goes low over there. With the coffee and the movie reaching skyrocketing limits, the average Romeo-Juliet will either have to either look at the public spaces or stop meeting. But wait, who are we fearing?

Understanding the C Word

They say they are trying to make UP save for women by arresting ‘Romeos’. But they don’t understand that being unsafe is about being attacked without consent. A girl doesn’t feel unsafe with her lover. She doesn’t need to be protected from her lover. It’s the goons, rapists and psychos that she needs protection from. C for consent, please understand.

Where are the Men’s Rights’ Activists When We Need Them?

Whenever I have seen an MRA get angry, it has only been in the Feminist movement and women’s liberation saying women are just fine, they don’t need anything, in fact, they are torturing men, etc. Now when it is their turn to speak up and Save the Romeos, they are nowhere to be seen. We don’t mind, though. Feminism is also about speaking for the rights’ of our lovers- the men. But it would be amazing to join hands right now.

The Grave Problem Today

It’s like you woke up one day and your voice became very unlike your own voice. It sounds very different. You are saying something and people are interpreting something else. You are seeing things being told by you. Other people are saying you want this-that but when you look at it, you realise you don’t want any of it. It’s not even your own voice! The problem with the right wing is that they are trying to become the “Hindu” voice and we are not objecting.

I doubt if the average Hindu wants lovers to be beaten because the average Hindu is a lover too. The average Hindu knows lovers and rapists are different. I doubt if the average Hindu wants slaughterhouses to be closed because the average Hindu is eating non-veg too. I doubt if the average Hindu thinks ‘love’ is against Indian Culture because that Hindu worships Krishna-Radha, and falls in love too. The average Hindu is an Indian first. The average Hindu is a human first.

This situation today reminds me of a song from Laila-Majnu:

Husn hazir hai

Mohabbat Ki saza pane ko

Koi patthar se naa Mare

Mere Deewane ko”


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