An Open Letter to Indian Daughters (like me)

Dear Daughters like me,

Although this post might look a little contradictory to my feminism-freedom-rebel saga, I see a thin line of difference here. I decided I wanted to tell you this because it took me a great time to realize this and it is necessary for all of us to unite on this.

With every passing day, I feel it is becoming increasingly tricky and difficult to be Parents of a Daughter. Just Imagine,  times when we are out, they might be sitting at home watching TV, back to back telecast of those brutal gang-rapes and murders thereafter, and other heinous crimes committed against women all over the country;  it raises a chill down their spines, and they reluctantly but inevitably call us just to check if we are fine and they freak out when we don’t pick up.

There are times we give a long sigh before picking up their calls, considering it as an intrusion to our privacy. We want more and more space. And the more we push them away, the more they want to know.

I am not saying they totally understand us and everything that they expect from us is right. They don’t and neither do we.

I think it’s time we go a little more closer to our parents and empathize with them a little more.

And anyway if you can manage tens of Whatsapp groups with mostly and infinitely useless conversations, also keeping track of who is doing what and where, while multi-tasking chats with working-eating-driving-peeing; why not also make one group with them? Why not talk to them apart from work and why not answer their questions for once; however meaningless they seem to you, remember they’ve answered much, much worse for you. Why do we assume that they won’t understand?

So think, Why not? Such things never get a petition but actually they are pretty serious. Let’s give them all the love that they deserve.

#DearestDaughters #LetsEmpathize



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