Mini Stories: The Best of He and She

Mini Stories: The Best of He and She

Keeping aside all the serious shit that I write, I’ve written a lot of couplets called ‘he and she’ over the years. These are just fictional but relatable conversations between two people. These are all different characters, different people going through different situations. They don’t have a context and don’t mean to generalise. Think of them as characters. I thought to compile my favourites today.


She’d ask him: “Do you think I am crazy?”
“Noooooo way!” he’d confirm.
And she’d believe him.
In fact, if there was a test, you’d know that he too was crazy.

(After a terrible fight)
He: I’m sorry! But it’s just that you’re the only person I am so close too, and hence I find it easier to let my anger out on you. Aren’t you also my best friend?!!
She: Not really, no. I don’t want to be your best friend then. Please treat me like an acquaintance!

He said, “I love you”.
It sounded like “Please don’t leave me.”
So she asked, “Why? Why do you love me”
He said, “Why? We’ve been together since school!”
It sounded like, “If you leave me now, what will people say?”
The End.

Romance and Love

She was his calm. He was her story.

She wasn’t a big fan of “the lights”. She liked it a little dim. All the time. She knew people who liked it bright all the time and they’d say darkness is very ‘negative’ and ‘depressing’. But she could not understand that philosophical concept of ‘light’ and ‘positivity’ either. Darkness could be comforting too. It was, for her at least.

He was clearly more important. His thought would come before her breath.

She couldn’t sleep while thinking of him. He kept his eyes closed and dreamt of her.

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The Other Angle: Let’s Talk Female Sexuality

Am I really writing this? Do I want to publish this? Is this necessary? Yes. Yes. Yes. Always Yes to Female Sexuality.

During college, I remember a meaty gossip about this otherwise bubbly-happy-go-lucky girl’s adolescence phase. She came from a small town (smaller than Ahmedabad) and had done a kaand there. ‘Kaand‘ is a Hindi word which generally means an incident but colloquially it is used more for sexual activities. This girl was said to have been found in a closed room (apparently making out) with a classmate. And it had come in the papers (with the name changed) yet it had brought her a lot bad name in her town.

Self-acclaimed moralists would put questions on ‘how could she even think of such a thing at that age’. She was 16 or 18. I regret not objecting and playing along this gossip then.

The fact here is that she was rather unfortunate to have been caught in the act. Boys begin thinking, talking about sex, masturbation and porn at least from the 8th standard. But I don’t remember even a single conversation with my girlfriends about sexuality.

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A Woman’s Body (Love Yourself)


Touch yourself today.

But do not look in the mirror!

It makes you hate, it’s a critic.

If you want love,

You need to love yourself first.


Touch your face, feel the softness,

And that acne that makes you human!

Your lips are the most perfect ever

As there is no replica,

As they are one in a million.


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