Funny Short Stories: The Solution

A few days back, I was at a friend’s place, sitting on the swing outside, doing my writing. The surroundings here are very green. I saw a couple (college-going) write right in front of me, outside the wall of the house. The girl was sitting on her activa and the guy was standing facing her. I assumed they were a couple because of their body language, having some fun conversation, laughing; I don’t know- the glow of new love?
They stood in a way that one of the trees at my friend’s place, slightly blocked them from me, I could see more of the girl and less of the boy. I was working and I usually mind my own business. This one moment, the girl made an eye-contact with me. She got up almost immediately and shifted to the boy’s activa. Now, I couldn’t see less of the girl, more of the boy. Soon, they got slightly intimate, perhaps a kiss? Could not see fully, just assumed. I decided to not say anything or see anything more. I focused on my laptop screen. In a minute, I heard a shout from the house opposite. “Jata raho ahi thi!” (Leave this place at once.) This is a 25-ish boy living across.

Contrary to usual- The couple ignores..completely. Then another aunty from the same direction said the same. “Kidhu ne jata raho ahi thi?” (Didn’t we tell you both to leave?). The couple ignored. What happened next is nothing about the morality of whether the Public Display of Affection (PDA) should be allowed or not. Nothing about that. This story is about to turn hilarious.
Uncle (from the same house): E! Just leave from here! You shameless people?!
Guy (spoke in confidence, loudly): What is your problem? Why are you so angry? How do you know she is not my sister?
(At this moment, I want to explain how, and that if they are bro-sis, this is all too gross 😛 But I resist.)
Uncle: Oh, we saw what all “ashleel” things you are doing there. Just leave from here I say!! This is a society of decent people!!!
In the next moment, the girl went back to her activa, and drove away. The guy was not done yet. He stood straight, pointed his hand at the Uncle and first- angrily shouted, “Mane gamyu nai tame mari jode jem vaat kari, ho?!!?!” (I didn’t like the way you speak to me!!!)
LOL. I am like, WOW. Wtf is happening here. This is great future content right in front of me.
By this time, the Uncle had begun to come out of the house. But somehow stood there at the entrance without making a move forward. This guy turned his activa, drives just across this person’s house and screams, “Aavu badhu magaj mathi kaadhi dejo!!” (Remove this shit from your mind!!)
The Uncle got so pissed at that (but especially after the guy was at a safely far distance), he came outside his house and ran 10 meters swearing at this guy, calling him a pimp, etc. The aunty came out, the guy came out and now in the void with this couple nowhere in the picture, they started screaming. “What kind of kids there are these days! These people should be given to the police etc I literally saw them doing ashleel things and look at how he spoke back..No shame”
Meanwhile, I am sitting as a silent witness. Coz content. My friend hears the scream and comes out. “What happened? Is there a babaal?” he asks.
They narrate the incident, almost panting, fighting in the void with the perpetrators nowhere around.
The aunty began adding to it, “Look at how shameless these children are. And a lot of people stand outside here-salesmen. maids, etc. Everyone. We can’t let this happen.”
Everyone nods in agreement.
Then she says to my friend, “We should not let this happen…Hu toh kahu chu aa jhaad kapaavi daiye!” (let us get this tree cut.)
Everyone but my friend nods in agreement.
My friend, slightly annoyed but mostly schocked is like, “wtf? What has the tree got to do with it!”
Moral of the story: Anything goes wrong, let’s cut the tree first. 😀

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