When He Met His Ex

It had been seven years since she had seen him. They were together for three years and then they decided not to meet after this one day. It was a close friend’s wedding and she knew he would come. She knew he was married. Was he happy?  She looked into the mirror before leaving. She looked gorgeous.

What luck! She bumped into him right at the entrance. His wife was with him. She was pretty and graceful. But definitely less pretty than herself. He cordially met her and without a face of awkwardness, introduced both of them to each other. She waited for his wife to go away and then after some “hi-hello-what’s happening”, she could not resist asking:

She: So? Has she been able to fill the void left by me?
He: No.
She: So? You mean, you don’t love her?
He: I love her with all my heart. She’s the most beautiful person, ever.
She: So? You don’t miss us being together?
He: I think of our good times and smile, quite often. I tell her too. Those were beautiful times. Yes, there is a void that stays when people pack their bags off your life one day. Sometimes it gets filled, sometimes it stays. But it’s okay. It’s okay to have that void if you are still capable of loving someone.
She: Hmmmm. I’m glad you could love again.
He: Are you? Coz you don’t look like you are. You wish I were miserable.
She: Well, yes a little because I know I was your first true love. And it’s surprising that you are so mature about it!
He: No love, whether first or second or twentieth, should make you incapable of loving again, giving again and being kind again; coz that’s really why we are here. We have big hearts. There is space for all kinds of love, void, memories and pain.

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3 thoughts on “When He Met His Ex

  1. You made an important point. Often the first love of life is glorified so much that prevent people loving others full heartily. “No love should make you incapable of loving again”


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