Just Gym Things

A future famous personality, “You can judge a person by the way he/she behaves in the gym.” This quote is true on many levels. There are all kinds of gym goers. Starting from the ones who blame the season (no matter which) for not waking up regularly or because of their busy schedule, can’t make time for the gym. This is, of course, after paying for a full year membership in the excitement of the New Year. Then there are the OCD ones who reach gym at the same 7:59 AM every single day. But it’s interesting to see how the Gym unfolds, the curious gym politics.
I’m not sure if there’s a research done about it but it is safe to assume that treadmill is the most loved gym equipment. It keeps everyone distracted, at least in the cardio section. The ones doing the warm-up have their one hawk eye fixed on few of the treadmills and a clock keeps ticking inside their mind. If even by chance, they see that the person on the treadmill is slowing down, they expedite their warm up like a machine in the factory. The person on the cycle and elliptical are also in the same pursuit. Sadly, this pursuit is not of getting the ultimate happiness because the person on the treadmill is not happy either. He/she will keep a constant tab on their neighbours, “Is he running faster than me?” “Oh, you want me to show you stamina. See, see.” Their auras converse with each other.

I had a scary experience while being on the treadmill one day. I was running on speed 10 and the honey sing rap song played. The one with the most disgusting lyrics. I couldn’t concentrate at all, after a minute and I just suddenly hit the stop button. Lesson learnt: The ideal and dedicated Gym goers can’t have a taste in music. Anything with good beat should work for you.
Nevertheless, it’s always interesting to see people getting charged up on different kinds of music. People who don’t like that music are allowed to bring their headsets, another thing that never worked out for me.
This is not it. Imagine, if you went to a store in a mall and saw this person who stares at his/her own face/particular for a good 2-3 minutes, making different faces, clicking selfies, absolutely indifferent to everything around, what would you call this person. Crazy, right? The same thing is a very acceptable e thing in a gym. The weights section may have a huge surge of testosterone (if you go in the common timings). Boys/men of all sizes lifting weights of all sizes will be seen trying to have a portion of the mirror as their muse. If there was a word called ’The Gym Machismo’ meaning the attitude at the gym, some people show their machines by throwing off the dumbbells wherever they please, after they are done. Keeping the dumbbells at the right place is apparently the thing losers do.
Air conditioning is one of the most important aspects of a gym (after the mirror). The most primary requirement of comfort which enables you to work on your body: A.C.
Then there are the extra privileged ones who take a PT (personal trainer). These poor chaps are inevitably hated by others for getting so much attention they never got. Some of them never seem to loose weight instead of working out so hard. The personal trainer is very much like the school teacher who also takes a tuition but won’t teach properly in class because you don’t go to their tuition. They leave something special for the personal training.
The funniest and the most awkward moments happen on the gem of an instrument called a “twister”. Especially if it has one-side sitting and another side standing twister, and the people on both sides are of the opposite gender. If I am standing and twisting, and a guy comes to sit and twist, and this has happened so many times, it’s the most awkward (yet funny) view for both the people. And then both would try to avoid each other, not make eye contact and pretend that the other person does not exist on the face of the earth.
Introverts (like me) have other issues with the gym. The whole concept of a gym is unflattering. You have to face people right in the morning, and yes everyone checks everyone out. And of course, everyone, After all, it’s all about “working out around strangers pretending that they are not around.”
The weirdest of all are the gym marketing tactics are the most noticeable. Just breasts to waist part of a muscled woman, printed into a huge hoarding. You wonder if you ever want to be that. Or the exact opposite perhaps— a really fat person and an obnoxious quote fat shaming him. I was fat most of my childhood and then on and off. As a very fat person at heart, I have always cringed at these ads. How come we never put pictures of really thin yet anaemic and weak people. “Come to the gym, we will make you fit!” No, gyms are all about making

All said and done, gyms I’m sure account to the development of our country and most certainly account for a percentage of the GDP. So I don’t want to look like I am criticising gyms or something. Please go. Gyms are of course very useful. But whether it is running or gymming or Youtube workouts from home (what I do); my favourite thought that keeps me going is, “It’s a myth that workout is for the body. It’s for the mind first.”

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