Dear ‘I used to read a lot once, but now I can’t…”

Readers are the most ingenious people. These days they are a rare sight, with increasing distractions around us. We want to do at least 3-4 things at the same time. Unfortunately one can’t read a book (sincerely) while checking Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp.

We take our mobile phones to our beds and even between our most private moments. At times, these things take us away from reading or say most of our loved habits. There is no such thing as, “No time.” You have to make time if you really wish to do something. I repeat this to myself, every time I get disillusioned. I thought to write about this because this has happened to me a lot of times, keeps happening. It’s like the Reader’s Block (like the Writer’s Block). These methods help though.

Top 6 Ways to Get Back to Reading

  1. Turn the Notifications Off, Keep the Phone Away: Whatever 15-20 minutes you wish to read, just try to do that by keeping the phone away. It will work better than the times you have tried before.
  2. Find the real reason: Why is it that you can’t read anymore? It’s not always about time. At times, there’s something stuck in your mind/heart which keeps you occupied, distracted and depressed. That’s why you are unable to read. In that case, you’ve got to untangle the knot first, and then try to get back to reading. Some super smart people also take refuge of reading to get over their problems. Try that if it works out for you. In short, let the book keep you distracted.
  3. Go out on a date: With the book. Venture into a coffee shop or for dinner, all by yourself and your book. This works just as same with reading like it works with your relationships. It creates a bond.
  4. Keep a book in your bag at all times: I have never seemed to get hang of those small clutches. They can never fit a book inside them. I either carry the usual small backpack or a purse which is good enough for at least one book or Kindle. As an introverted reader, I must confess that keeping a book at bay is a good social strategy too. If you don’t like the person- read. If you like the person- talk about the book.
  5. Mood Check: Perhaps you are unable to read because you are reading all the wrong books. You need to first check your mood and decide. Fiction, Non-Fiction, Humour, Crime, etc, and then decide. I use GoodReads for better reading management. It has a good suggestive algorithm based on the similar books I have read. Amazon recommendation is also good. 50% of the effort is in finding a good book to read.
  6. Meet Other Reader Friends: I have some serial reader friends, all of them read very different kinds of genres. Whenever I meet them (individually), more than 40% of our conversations are about books, stories, authors, etc. And it is so much fun. Meeting them is a big motivation for me to keep reading. It’s just inspiring. If you don’t have such friends already, sign up in a good library. You’ll find good friends there.

Seek help from other people. Get book recommendations. Message me. Comment Here or Write to Me. I take my book recommendations very seriously. Being unable to read is a serious problem. Let’s solve it one step at a time.


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