I eat one Mango a day. And I don’t like living a life of myths. So I found out that it’s actually a big myth that mangos are fattening. They are not.

(This girl is an amazing dancer. I follow her Youtube channel for the latest dance moves.)


There are many other links to such myth busters you can find online. Just by timing ‘Mango Health Benefits and Myths’.

Mango Facts

  1. Each Mango has about 100 to 150 calories. We burn 150 calories after 2 km morning walk.
  2. One must have Mangos either mid morning or as an evening snack so that it doesn’t add calories to our meal. If you add it to your meal, make changes in the food intake.
  3. It is not fattening. It has potassium and fibre, which helps in digestion. Having one mango a day is great for weight loss.
  4. Don’t refrigerate until they are ripe. Ripe mangoes must be refrigerated. Never store in plastic bags. They need air.
  5. They contain only 1 gm fat. They are not fattening. Mango drinks loaded with sugar are. So next time the mango drink ad comes, “aam ka season”, remember how different mango and mango drinks are.

There is even a yummy Mango Oats recipe that you can have for breakfast.

Only the people who can’t burn the calories of the mango they eat should quit eating mangoes. Rest everyone is fine.


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