Home is Where..

For the first few years of their marriage, he went home with great expectations. At the end of a hard day, he would look forward to meeting his family, his loved ones. He wasn’t too much into lavish parties or such extravaganza. He wished to be greeted with smiles and love.

Instead, he would get weary eyes full of expectations and words filled with questions about bills, repairs, vacations,  and shopping. He thought he was earning all that they needed. But it was never enough. Nothing ever is.

Then one fine day, he stopped expecting. Around that year, he got a double promotion. Now he had money to buy a new bungalow, new car on EMI for his wife, new cycle. He could perhaps plan an abroad trip too. And slowly, also a club membership.

His family was happy but he wasn’t. In spite of all the money, he couldn’t buy those selfless and meaningless smiles. He would rather stay out until late instead of going back home. The carefree hugs that he never got when he expected had hardened his heart. His heart was heavy out of a juiceless life. Perhaps that’s why one day his heart decided to give up.

“He was fit as a fiddle and absolutely happy. Don’t know what happened suddenly,” they said.


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