6 Surprisingly Similar Words in Hindi and Spanish

The beauty of learning new languages is that you get to learn a lot about the cultures within. But no matter how much you try to learn a new language, its interpretation is always in your native language. I began learning Spanish on Duolingo about 2 weeks ago and there are surprisingly many words in Hindi that are similarly used in Spanish. No doubt, Hindi/Devanagari could have borrowed a lot of these words from Punjabi or Urdu. Perhaps there is a strange connection of both Hindi and Spanish fetching words from the same languages. I am yet to figure that out. Until then, look at these!

Tu also means You in Spanish

The Hindi word Narangi (oranges) has a similar name in Spanish called ‘Naranja’ (pronounced as Naranya)

In Spanish, a shirt is called, ‘Camisa’ which is very similar to the Punjabi/Hindi counterpart called ‘Kameez’

I Don’t Know Who This Guy is, But he’s wearing a Camisa/Kameez

Ki Huva in Punjabi, Kya Hua in Hindi and Que Huba (pronounced as Ke) in Spanish is the same thing: What Happened

The Hindi/Punjabi word Mez has a similar word in Spanish called Mesa

Das in Hindi, Dais in Punjabi and Diez in Spanish mean 10


I started learning Spanish because it is the greatest spoken languages in the US, after English. About 23 million people speak Spanish. It’s also somehow more fun than French. There are many answers on quora that help in ‘What Foreign Language Should I Learn’.

There must be many more similarities that I am forgetting or the ones that I don’t know about. This is it for now. If you want to learn a new foreign language, Duolingo is one of the best apps. It’s interactive, full of images and promotes self-learning through exercises and robo chat, at your convenience and with no deadlines. It’s available on both web and app. Go ahead.


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