Whether you are a writer or not, sometimes you need to write to let your emotions free. Writing also helps in understanding one’s own feelings and the mind-fuck that you are going through. If you are one of those, who is worried, “What if I write something and someone reads it?” Don’t worry. Put your diary in a locker. Or write it on the computer, a Microsoft Word doc can be saved easily. If you are a mobile user, there are lots of apps that come with a password. I use Evernote.

What is a Writing Prompt?

Sometimes when our mind is clogged or when we are suffering from a writer’s block, we need a push or an arousal to write. That’s where writing prompts come into the picture. They can be very random or very focused. An example of a random writing prompt:

You are stuck in the worst traffic jam in the world for two days, what happened?

In this article, we are talking about specific writing prompts that help you express what’s going in your mind or about something that is bothering you. Writing prompts can be very exhausting. You don’t have to write all of these in one go. Go for the ones you like, one at a time.

Someone profound once told me, too much of writing prompts can rip off the virginity of your writing. It’s true. So don’t use it seriously as a tool to write a new book. Use it to get over your block or to clear your mind.

Are There Any Rules?

There are no rules. Generally writing prompts don’t end up being usable works but they can sure be inspirations to something larger or they can be usable after edits. A better way of going about writing prompts is to take a stopwatch and sit for 10-15-20 minutes at a stretch and write whatever comes to your mind. There is no word limit. Make sure you don’t think about the topic beforehand. Your writing can be flawed here, you are allowed to make mistakes and not edit them.

Here are Some of the Writing Prompts That Could Help You

  1. Describe Yesterday, hour by hour
  2. Finish the sentence that begins with, “What I’ve always wanted to say is….”
  3. How do you feel about Love these days?
  4. Who people think you are, compared to who you know you are
  5. Your last cry
  6. What is a recent good thing you did that you are very proud of?
  7. Rant about something/someone you hate. Let loose.
  8. You are in an interview. Describe your weaknesses and what you’re doing to work upon them. 
  9. You bring someone back from the dead. Who is it? 
  10. A lie or a dirty secret you got away with but makes you feel guilty
  11. Write a list of things to do before you die
  12. What broke your heart
  13. 10 Things You love about your life
  14. Describe the face of someone you love
  15. Forgive yourself for…

Try at least one of these and let me know how it goes! You want more prompts, let me know! If this was helpful and you want to extend this, do not shy away from maintaining a Journal. I will soon compile a list of random writing prompts that help you widen your imagination and help as a good mental exercise before you begin writing.

Sometime in 2012, I was gifted a beautiful book of Writing Prompts by one of my friends. It’s called, “642 Things to Write About” by The San Fransisco Writers’ Grotto. It is a fat book full of prompts with empty spaces to write. This book was written in a single day with contributions of thirty-five different writers via emails, calls, etc. This story is important because it’s a lesson about the hidden potential within a single day.


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