Why Does a Girl Keep Talking to a Guy After Rejecting Him?

Quite frankly. She’s silly. No, she really is. 

She expects him to keep that feeling aside and focus on the beautiful friendship they share. She should stop talking to him as soon as possible because she should know that once she ‘rejects a guy’ she is breaking his heart and/or ego and hence she should not expect friendship or decency from the guy anymore. By doing this, she is giving him wrong hints, confusing him and worse- ruining his life. 

Like Alizeh (Anushka Sharma) in ADHM whose best friend (Ranbir Kapoor) just won’t accept a ‘No’ in love. He blames and abuses her, sings ‘Channa Mereya’ in her wedding (I could not get myself to listen to this beautiful song for a month after watching the film because it portrays the guy as the poor hero while he’s behaving indecently in his friend and love’s big wedding day. Sure, Ranbir Kapoor (was the best role for carrying out such a farce), tries to make her feel jealous, misbehaves with her husband (is shown to be a music sensation because of his heartbreak) and tries to unsolicitedly kiss her even when she has Cancer and is dying. I don’t understand Alizeh’s character either. Why would she take so much shit from him? It is unreasonable to bear so much from a man-child.

In reality, such guys are everywhere- these are our best friends, neighbours, fellow passengers and they must be called out for being indecent stalkers. They are not heroes in any way. Their love is not unrequited. Their love is one-sided and unsolicited. They need help.

Bollywood is Bollywood but in reality, you may find a lot more guys and girls who deal with this situation with ease. It comes from an understanding that you do not own the other person if you love them and they are not at fault if they don’t love you. The one rejected has to make a choice- is the remaining friendship is worth it or not. So what if she rejected you? If you love her, you need to respect her choice. And if you feel that it is not your cup of; and you are unable to bear facing her, talking to her and maintaining a decent friendship with her- put your foot down and stop talking to her. But don’t just go on expecting an eventual ‘Yes’ because then you are fooling no other than yourself. 


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