Confessions of a Serial Reader

Home is where the books are. There’s a reason why home is our comfort zone. It’s a place our tattered ego gets fixed, the self-confidence gets rejuvenated and there’s love all around. Books make a huge part of my comfort in life, not just at home. But even otherwise.


It could either be my cowardice or a strange kind of fear, but when I move outside my house without a single book in my bag, makes me feel like the most vulnerable person in the world. Even when I am going to a movie and there’s absolutely no chance I am going to get a chance to read, keeping a book is a must. It’s a safety measure- better safe than sorry.

What if I am kidnapped? What if the flight doesn’t land for 4-5 hours and just circles around the city (a common phenomenon in Mumbai-Delhi flights)? Or what if there’s a lot of free time and I need a good book and I have none? Also, how do I know now that which book am I going to want to read in that free time? Books can save you from awkward conversations and unnecessary small-talk. If the person still wants to talk, they’ll talk about books, and if they know how to, it won’t be an awkward conversation anymore. It is safer to carry 3-4 books. Also, keep the genre as diverse as possible. A little change in mood could make a book redundant.

When your birthday is coming closer, it’s a good idea to keep telling your friends about what books are you looking to buy these days. Eventually, they are going to run out of innovative ideas and believing that giving a book to you is the most perfect thing to do, they might give just about anything to you. It adds up to the sad books pile at your home. These books aren’t bad or jinxed but the books are unlucky for not being compatible with you.

Work desks need books too. Even if you are self-motivated, you at times run out of fuel. Books and diaries can keep you going in such times.


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