Why Evernote is my Productivity Machine

A new document is like a blind date. You know that if it works out, it will be amazing but your mind tries to block it as much as possible. You feel nervous and anxious. Especially for writers. Writers Block is the ultimate reality. Life is a block. Writing happens somewhere in the middle.


But it’s not just the writers who need to write. Note-making, journaling and task list making should be a part of everyone’s routine to be the most productive.
Evernote is an app that can be downloaded on your laptop and your phone. Everything you write gets synced at both the places.


Here are the reasons why Evernote is my favourite app:

Works as a Diary, Task-list, Journal: You can constantly make notes on Evernote, create task lists and mark them as complete when done. It also acts as a documentation of your work.

Syncs with Laptop and Phone: You just note down something, somewhere on the way, and when your computer is connected back to the wifi, whenever you open it, you’ll find it synced to use.


Notebooks: You can maintain various notebooks such as one for work, one for personal use, one for journaling, etc.

Saving Web Pages, Articles Offline: One of the best utilities of Evernote is that, it gives you a Google Chrome Extension, “The Web Clipper”. Once you add it to your chrome, you can get Web pages or articles saved to your Evernote, for whenever later you want to read them. And yes, these articles get saved offline too!

Articles Saved Offline in One Click

Psychologically Stress-Free: Easy to use; technically, you don’t have to ‘open a new document’ on Evernote. Nor do you have to SAVE anything. Anything you write gets Autosaved. It doesn’t create a build up and lets you write. You don’t have to OPEN documents if you want to check something. You can just scroll through your written works. Everything is open already. So it’s like all your work until now is there for your support!

No Need to Save or Open

There are so many more things. You can tag different documents, share them very easily. It has a paid version too with more features. But I’ve loved the free version and it works out well for me. You can set a password on the Evernote app on your phone, so it stays safe. The Laptop they don’t have a password system for the free version. Also because it is assumed that your laptop itself has a password of its own.
In 2016, I read a Life Hacker article by Maria Popova, the founder of the popular content company, BrainPickings. She had mentioned how Evernote helps her write better. I thought to give it a try and it worked! Evernote has helped me write much more and be more organised. Nothing substitutes my love for physical diaries and writing in hand. But yes, Evernote is the other best friend.
To each, their own. The point is to find your own hack!

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