“How can you even think that way?” “How dare you write that?” “How could you paint such a thing?”

It would have been easier if we lived in a free world where people were free to use their minds and make their choices. Art could be interpreted. Mythology could be interpreted. And imagination would not be caged. This could coexist with a society only if people choose to see what they like and abandon what they don’t.

I find a similar feeling creeping across various parts of my brain when I watch the Kapil Sharma show. “C’mon! It’s so funny!” you’d like to point out. I’m sure it is. There are definitely parts where I crack up. But those are usually not when a fat person is being shamed or when a journalist (woman) is being asked about how she maintains her beauty, instead of asking about her profession, how other women/men appearing as women are infantilised. But yes, still there are parts that are funny. Few. But there are. The same with Koffee with Karan. I find it terrible to bear. Questions asked about childhood crushes, facial hair, ex-partners etc.

Once, I actually timed an AIB video and tried to see it beyond the swear words. There was actually not enough content. The punch lines were not funny without the swear words. Beyond everything, that’s not how we talk every day. They’ve stood up for some amazing things of course. And have done podcasts with some of the best people.

There’s no outrage though. I try and avoid the shows I don’t like. It’s just a choice.

Some of the things are offensive, yes. I get offended, yes. But I can choose to not see something and discard it if it offends me. Those misogynistic husband-wife jokes can go away only if people discard it and find them to be useless. Or if there is a funnier reverse version available.

This very idea of choice can change the scenario. If people are given the opportunity to make a call about what they appreciate and what they don’t, there’s no need of censor or morality grounds. It’s the idea that an entire mass of people is largely stupid and their entertainment and other choices need to be regulated- needs to be discarded.

Make your own decisions. Don’t let people tell you what to see and what not to.


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