Keeping aside all the serious shit that I write, I’ve written a lot of couplets called ‘he and she’ over the years. These are just fictional but relatable conversations between two people. These are all different characters, different people going through different situations. They don’t have a context and don’t mean to generalise. Think of them as characters. I thought to compile my favourites today.


She’d ask him: “Do you think I am crazy?”
“Noooooo way!” he’d confirm.
And she’d believe him.
In fact, if there was a test, you’d know that he too was crazy.

(After a terrible fight)
He: I’m sorry! But it’s just that you’re the only person I am so close too, and hence I find it easier to let my anger out on you. Aren’t you also my best friend?!!
She: Not really, no. I don’t want to be your best friend then. Please treat me like an acquaintance!

He said, “I love you”.
It sounded like “Please don’t leave me.”
So she asked, “Why? Why do you love me”
He said, “Why? We’ve been together since school!”
It sounded like, “If you leave me now, what will people say?”
The End.

Romance and Love

She was his calm. He was her story.

She wasn’t a big fan of “the lights”. She liked it a little dim. All the time. She knew people who liked it bright all the time and they’d say darkness is very ‘negative’ and ‘depressing’. But she could not understand that philosophical concept of ‘light’ and ‘positivity’ either. Darkness could be comforting too. It was, for her at least.

He was clearly more important. His thought would come before her breath.

She couldn’t sleep while thinking of him. He kept his eyes closed and dreamt of her.

It was beyond her— how he could extract romance out of the ugly puddles, the irritating flies, the mud stains on the clothes; and chances of catching cold in the rain. To him, it was simple— an exclusive walk in the rain with her.

Once in a while, time stopped to appreciate the beauty of their love.


He’d talk to many women but she’d never be jealous. He was her love, not her possession.


They had been in the most extraordinary relationship but on the marriage day, she felt exactly like an ordinary bride. Nervous, excited, confused, emotional and other such mixed feelings.

Distance, Longing

They didn’t have to talk everyday to stay connected. Even their distance had its own language.

Running was her favourite hobby. Every once in a while, she’d run away from everything and everyone.

He loved taking detours, especially when those were taken to meet his dearest friend. Often, he would stop by and they would talk for hours, and then several times, he would simply press the horn once, from his car and wave at him with an endearing smile. After all these years, his friend had been just the same- he had all the time in the world- after all, graveyards are time-proof.

Heartbreak, Break Up

That night he met her like the smoker meets the last cigarette before quitting.

He could unleash her darker side. She could bring out the angel in him. And together they were perfect but not meant to be.

After they broke up, it struck her that life was much beyond a 3-year-old so-called relationship. She could finally see what she had overlooked during those 3 years; how there were so many people who loved her and there were so many things that she needed to give her love to. She thought, to begin with, her Career.

Finally took up those evening guitar classes that she wanted to take since so long while keeping her mornings reserved for gymming and then chatter with Dad.

Perhaps, life seemed perfect when she embraced its imperfections.

His silence hurt her the most But she won’t fight to make him speak,
For she knew,
If she were the storm……He was the shore
And he had all the rights,
To remain silent.

She did not wonder then; a man who left his mom alone for her, could also leave her for someone else. And then it happened.

It feels good to make a list. It looks like you have written something after all. Which ones are your favourite from these? Would love to know!


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