Ken Liu (born 1976) is an American science-fiction and fantasy writer and translator of science fiction and literary stories from Chinese into English. His short story “The Paper Menagerie” is the first work of fiction, of any length, to win the Nebula, Hugo, and World Fantasy Awards. I loved his short story, ‘The Perfect Match’. It is a fantasy story about the future of Siri (robot helper) where the robot suggests you everything about your day and your life and talks about the mysteries behind it. It is especially relevant in the age of Aadhar where the government is aware of each and every move of yours and there is no right to privacy (in spite of it being a constitutional right).

Some of the quotes from his short story:

Centillion is an algorithm that’s gotten out of hand. It just gives you more of what it thinks you want. And we—people like me—think that’s the root of the problem. Centillion has put us in little bubbles, where all we see and hear are echoes of ourselves, and we become ever more stuck in our existing beliefs and exaggerated in our inclinations. We stop asking questions and accept Tilly’s judgment on everything.

This one is very interesting. It is quite similar to what is happening in our country right now. We have stopped thinking and we rely on our PM’s judgment to everything.
“How did you figure out everything Tilly was doing to us?” “I grew up in China,” Jenny said, wiping a strand of hair behind her ear. Sai found the gesture inexplicably endearing. “Back then, the government watched everything you did on the Network and made no secret of it. You had to learn how to keep the insanity at bay, to read between the lines, to speak without being overheard.” “I guess we were lucky, over here.”
“No.” And she smiled at his surprise. He was learning that she preferred to be contrarian, You grew up believing you were free, which made it even harder for you to see when you weren’t. You were like frogs in the pot being slowly boiled.”
Interestingly, the story is available for free on the LightSpeedMagazine’s Blog here. Must Read.
Ken Liu

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