Life, Death and the Choice


I am darkness
I have been inside the mind
And the corners of the heart
Of this person
Who decided to call it quits
Just yesterday.

I saw there was pain
Prolonged suffering
And healing that never happened
Perhaps a hug would have stopped him
Perhaps a walk would have
Or a talk could have.

I tried to wave at the homies
Even the friends
See me.. Save him from me
Love him, take him out
Love her, take her for therapy
But they couldn’t see me.

And just like the others
Who were drunk in pain
Doped in despair
Sober and suffering
Drowning in a river
That pulls you towards it.

Some overwhelmed:
“There’s too much stress”
Some underwhelmed:
“There is no job or respect”
Others the victims of “love”
Or the captives of guilt.

I have seen people at
The ugly bridge between
Bravery and cowardice
Ambiguity and meaning
But I don’t know
What drives them to take that leap!

Leaving a suicide note.
Those who don’t leave a note
Also have stories to tell.
But who has the time to listen?
People close their ears
They don’t want to spoil the day.

Although right before the moment
What were they thinking?
What if he tried to look back?
What if she tried to ask for help?
But it was too late. He had to jump
This is the end.

And what if it wasn’t?
He took a moment of thought
Took out the torch from his pocket
And there, I vanished
A stranger smiled at him
He decided to turn back.

What’s wrong with this story?
It is a fine story
It is our story
We can change it anytime
Not make bad endings
Until we can.



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