Why Write a Journal

I was a whimsical kid. I had imaginary friends, superficial conversations where I’d hallucinate taking further the actual situations and I was super emotional. At one point of time (about 4th grade) our English teacher came to talk to us about Diary Writing. She said that one must maintain a diary where they pen down their thoughts. I thought it was a great idea to take the madness further. I used to write one diary every year. Luckily, I was the only child at home and no elder in the house was interested in peeping in my diary. I used to lock it in the locker anyway. I guess it all went down post 10th grade- the years when they ask you to grow up.

Growing up is partially an involuntary activity. Also, there’s no choice left after a point. So you crush the childhood behind you and get yourself into the world of adults. There are various points in life when we are unable to express ourselves to others and ourselves. When one loses the ability to communicate with oneself, that’s when you should begin writing.

Stuff You Worry About Before Diary Writing

What if someone reads it? Chances are that no one is interested unless you have a notorious sibling. In that case, you must keep the hardcopy under lock and key. Another option is to write in MS Word and lock the document. If you find a word document daunting, use Evernote– it syncs on both laptop and phone (password protected, the free version is enough).

How to get into the habit of writing? Do it for 15 days and see if it becomes a habit. If it is difficult, decide a time of the day and do it then. If it doesn’t do 15 more. You’ve already written for a month, it’s a habit now.

What Kind of Diary should I buy? If you want more of pictures and graphics in your memoir, take non-ruled plain diaries. In that case, you’ll get handmade paper diaries too. But if you are more into ‘writing’, take ruled paper diary because that’ll make it easy for you to write. I’ve bought diaries online from AmazonPostbox.in, Chumbak and Cupick.

I have a huge collection of empty diaries and it is daunting  If you are a dairy lover, you know that even the worst of the over priced exhibitions, there’s always a diary stall and you always find it impossible to not invest your money in it. Hence you own a lot of diaries you never write in. That’s okay. Keep that thought aside. Begin with any one. Let those empty diaries motivate you.

I don’t want to see it ever again Some thoughts are so painful that we don’t want to go back to them after venting out. So don’t. Don’t go unless you feel like. Make that a pact for yourself.

I am not a writer That’s okay. No one is going to judge you. You just need to be a person.

What Should I write about? You can begin with targeting stuff that affects you the most. Have a morning diary if mornings seem daunting- make it a habit to workout or exercise and make a note on how you feel. You know better

Bullet Journal is the New Fad at Work

A new fad that is going in the US markets is a bullet journal. There’s nothing new about it, just that it’s a fad now. Bullet Journal is where you note down quick points, sentences not recommended. Look at this compiled list of things via Buzzfeed on Who Should Use a Bullet Journal:

  •  People who have a million little to-do lists floating around
  • People who like pen and paper to-do lists
  •  People who are into goal-setting and habit tracking
  •  People who like stationery, journaling, scrapbooking, beautiful pens, etc.
  •  People who really love planners
  •  People who want to really love planners, or who want to be more organised
  •  People who would really like to keep a journal/diary but are having trouble sticking with the habit.


Famous People Who Maintained Diaries

Kurt Cobain’s Journal
  • Mahatma Gandhi, Independence Leader
  • Thomas Edison, Scientist
  • Leonardo Da Vinci, Scientist
  • Picasso, Painter
  • Dr. BR Ambedkar, Jurist, Social Reformer
  • Virginia Woolf, Writer
  • Kurt Gobain, American Musician
  • Ernest Hemingway, Writer
  • Franz Kafka, Writer
  • Mahadev Desai, Independence Activist
  • Shahid Bhagat Singh, Independence Activist
  • Anne Frank, Victim of Holocaust
Picasso’s Diary


Leonardo’s Famous Mirror Writing Because of Dyslexia

Find more of these here.

Motivated? Begin writing today! Remember, it is your own diary. So cut the crap, don’t be too self-defensive or self-pleaser. Be honest. That will help. 


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