I was a curious child, a little more than usual kids. Having a very patient father, I remember myself (and he reminds me at times) asking him a lot of questions, all the time. Why is the moon travelling with us? Why do we stop seeing the red lights? Why does the dog bark at our car?

Why is the moon travelling with us? Why do we stop seeing the red lights? Why does the dog bark at our car? How come I can’t do a full split? Can you pull this truck with your bare hands like we saw in the tv show yesterday? What do people do after they die?

Never in my earliest of the memories do I remember my father getting angry on me. He would answer all the questions patiently without a word. Then I grew up and like everyone else, resorted to google. Especially Quora, the platform where you can find, ask and answer any question on this earth. Anyone can ask a question and anyone can answer. People also mention if they have a relevant context/experience to answer a particular question. People also give links to other websites/studies. The truth is that I have not yet asked a single question on quora because I’ve not had to. Every question that I have wanted answers for, was always listed on it. But I love answering questions on quora. I’m proudly one of the ‘Most Viewed Writers’ for Ahmedabad on Quora. Another section that I find interesting is Dating Advice. Because people ask really weird questions when it comes to understanding the opposite sex. Here are some of the questions and my answers to it:

I wonder what kind of lingerie can make men crazy?

Are men monkeys or snakes? No, they are not. Hence there is no sure shot way to make them go crazy. There can’t be one brand that beats all or one kind of lingerie that will seduce all men. However if the man loves you, and if you love that man back, anything would work just fine. If he doesn’t love you, LaPerla or whatever Victoria’s Secret wouldn’t work.

How do I let go of my jealousy towards my girlfriend thinking other guys are attractive?

Just get rid of it. What else?

Other guys could be ‘hot’ or ‘cool’. But that might not be enough for your girlfriend actually. It’s not ‘physical attraction’ that gives you the final answer.

I caught my boyfriend emotionally cheating. Should I dump him?

(I looked at his text messages when he wasn’t looking and found that he’s been having a long back-and-forth with a friend of his from several years ago. She seems interested in him sexually, but he rejected her advances. Despite this, I think he is wrong for hiding this from me. Should I dump him?)

I don’t think we are entitled to tell everything to our partners. In spite of having a partner, one can have a personal life which they don’t have to share. Your boyfriend looks like a guy who should be trusted open heartedly. If I were you, I’d have been happy for his firm stand.

Three things for you:

  1. He should be the one asking, “My girl friend reads my messages, hacks my privacy and then asks the world on Quora if she should dump me. Should I dump her? I hope you are guilty for reading his messages.
  2. And what’s this “”dump him” shit? You are not 16, are you? Grown ups talk about things to sort things out. And if takes just a dump for you to get him out of your life, it’s not worth it anyway. He genuinely loves you perhaps. You can’t dump humans. It will take much more than that.
  3. Another solution for you is to find a guy who is never hit on by a girl. Perhaps that solves your problem.

While this was a no brainier, go and talk to him if something is bothersome in your relationship.

It bothers me that my girlfriend doesn’t text me as much as she used to. Am I being clingy?


She’s probably busy. All relationships go through phases. You can’t have the same person feeling the exact same way all your life.

She’s probably wanting space.

You can ask her if anything is bothering her. Instead of asking on quora.

Do Indian women marry only the person who has more money?

This assumption would mean only 20–30% of Indian men get married, which is not the case, so obviously, this is a silly assumption.

There are sure cases where people (both men and women) want to marry someone who is rich/affluent/powerful because that seems like a convenient lifestyle. But obviously, there are people out there, who love the person, beyond how much money they have, how do they look, what family they come from.

 It’s always good to ask questions but relationships work the best when you can ask/talk to the person directly. Also when you live with your insecurities kept aside.


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