The Other Angle: Indian Media on International Women’s Day

I did not go for my regular walk today. It’s international women’s day. And I wanted to read the newspapers on what supposed congratulatory messages have come up this year. It matters what the media chooses to put in its news. Especially the print and online media.

Live Mint Decides to take a Full U-Turn on International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day Livemint Talks About This
Quotes like these within the article

“68% Women Said That Their Husbands Massage Their Feet In Times of Pain” declared City Bhaskar, as if they interviewed 10,000, even a 1000 women of different strata. They called 100 selected women and chose to put this as a headline. Did you want to prove that Women are happy? Hope you are Happy now.


Ahmedabad Times Gave Out a New Way for Women Empowerment: Red Lipstick

Red Lipstick for Women Empowerment: Ahmedabad Times

Also an Important Survey on the Red Lipstick Movement

Red Lipstick Unverified Source Survey About Red Lipstick Solving Women Issues

Three Women Declare Ahmedabad as ‘Safe for Women’ feat Ahmedabad Times

Four Women Declared Ahmedabad as Safe for Women feat Ahmedabad Times

If Smriti Irani and Dimple Yadav had to “Beat the Odds” to come in Politics, Imagine the Adivasi woman in Bastar

The Named SuperModel/Actress Smriti Irani and Akhilesh Yadav’s Wife Dimple Yadav as Women Who Have Beaten the Odds

Pieces to Adore Today


The LadiesFinger had published a Smashing Piece Against Karan Johar’s Remark on Kangana after she blamed him of nepotism and making fun of her English on his Show Coffee with Karan

Who Invited Karan Johar at London School of Economics: First Question
Awesome Piece at the LadiesFinger

True Stories That We’d Love to Know: Also in Ahmedabad Times

Anita Karwal Talks about How She was Underestimated at her Civil Services Job



2 thoughts on “The Other Angle: Indian Media on International Women’s Day

  1. Most of this is disappointing, and especially so, because I feel that the greater portion of the readership probably takes at face value whatever is being propagated by the media. Red lipstick? Seriously? 100 respondents. Another aspect that we tend to overlook when confronted with statistics.
    Great post. Thanks for sharing both the good and the not so good. Have we really progressed? I wonder.
    Happy Women’s Day.


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