What is that one thing you’d do if there were no constraints in life?


Author Susan Sontag's Illustration by BrainPickings
Author Susan Sontag’s Illustration by BrainPickings










What is that one thing you’d do if there were no constraints in life?


Really, nothing?

There is no “one thing”.


There are many things and I am going to do it all.


At one point of time in life. Step by step, maze by maze, one by one. If not today, then some other day.

But what if you can’t?

Even if I can’t, at least I will acknowledge what my dreams and daydreams are. It’s like I have my own treasure box which I have to share with no one or which I choose to share with a selected few. Like my own garden where no one can trespass without my permission; the place where I relax in solitude. At least I know.

What good is in ‘knowing’ anyway?

Knowing gives you an understanding that if I could see some of those dreams, I could at least do a few of them. In the end, it is upon my will. Sometimes, just knowing is good enough to start with.

But there are constraints in life! You can’t do everything you want to do!

Beethoven, the greatest musician ever, was 21 when he lost his hearing abilities. What is the biggest constraint for a musician? Not being able to hear. But he was so passionate and such a genius that he used to hear the composition in his mind and write the musical notes on the paper!

Oh! Brilliant! But he was a genius! We aren’t all geniuses. We don’t even know yet, what we want to do in life and the life is passing by.

Vincent Van Gogh didn’t know what he wants to do in life until 27 or 28. Almost no one his art as a work of a genius all his life, apart from his brother Theo. Van Gogh died when he was 35, still being the greatest painters of all times. Jane Austen, one of the greatest authors, used to get her works published anonymously because, at that time, it was not ‘ladylike’ for a woman to write. She could get her books published just a few years before her death (age 41).

Wow. Really? But…. not everyone is an artist!

Artist or not, once in a while, it is important to imagine a life without constraints. At least once in a while. It can be painful for sure, to come back to the reality that we live in. No one has said that nothing will change in the future. Everything is changing, you need to see if you can change with it.

What if you do whatever the hell you want to do and then fail?

I’ll die happy.

(This is not necessarily a conversation with someone. This could be a conversation between the two people in your mind. Do you feel this way?)


3 thoughts on “What is that one thing you’d do if there were no constraints in life?

    1. Thank you! I actually don’t write this kind of stuff very often. But something gave me a feeling that this needs to go out… And even if everyone is writing the same thing, more needs to be written!


  1. Aarti.. I completely agree (to your reply on previous comment).. This needs to be told and written more.. So much more.. Its a conversation I or we have so often with ourselves or close friends.. And even if we start down this path, we so often lose the motivation to go ahead due to various reasons and it is so important to remind ourselves time and again, why we are doing what we are .. daily , day in and day out .. Is it really what we want ? Does it really makes us happy ?

    When things like this pop up it gives us a chance to start thinking in this direction (if we havent already), giving that push, to introspect on where we are heading and also course correction, in some case..


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