Glimpses from the Artsy Udaipur

This was my second trip to Udaipur in the same year. When I went there in February, I had a little time at bay, me and a friend; we had decided to skip looking at the City Museum and, instead went to the old city.


And this time when I am back, I am even more intrigued with the same question I had left with, the previous time. What makes Udaipur so creative with its wall art, sign boards and those little things they do to stand out. Is it a part of the creative and colourful culture of Rajasthan? It has lakes, forts, and all the Royal palaces, for sure. But this is something I just could not ignore.

It could perhaps be an attempt to impress the foreign visitors and the excited tourists, whatever it is; it is beautiful. It never fails to amaze me. Udaipur impresses you with new colours, new wall arts, and structures each time you go there.


When you see a building that looks like Antique and sells Antique

A Creative Sign-board on a random road: Go Slow, Will You?


Well, a Nice-Pickup line


Beautiful Wall Art, just a house in the old city


Beauty is the Beast: Look at that laari, what are they selling?


God’s own cartoons: Brings out the Child in Me


What are the elements that most cities in Rajasthan are well-known for? There’s a Clock Tower, the Main Fort, the other forts, some lakes, some temples, some museums and five-star palaces. But still, each and every city/town is different. To find those things, you’ve got to walk on those everyday roads that their own people walk, to see how they cherish their everyday and what keeps them going.


(Liked it? Hated it? Would love to know. Comment here or let me know in some way!)


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