Hometown means Emotions

Tons of emotions

Ones that come down with tears

Even if you have been so far

For too long

And didn’t care much

Didn’t stay in touch.

Hometown means Vulnerability 

Where your roots belong

Whether you want it or not

Whether you stay there or not

You are a part of it

Whether you were born there or not

That’s where it all began.

Hometown means Memories 

Constant flashes of the happy past

Loved ones that are no more

Where you picture your little self

Walking towards the alley

Holding grandpa’s hand

Now Every part of you wants to

Recreate that moment

You long for that touch.

Hometown means Free time

With things that looked different before

And people too

Time is all you had

Late mornings late Lunches

Badminton, Rains, play, mosquito bites

And Smell of the earth.

But somethings still remain the same 

Like Mausi’s yummy food

Like the people who are meaninglessly still love you

Bringing tears that don’t come out

But overload within

Without your permission.


It’s not the place you’re in love with 

It’s the smell, feel, the people and the memories of the place

You don’t go back to your forefathers and ancestors grave because you must

But because it adds it up perfectly.

Hometown is Summary.


(What do you think about this? Would love to know. Comment here or mail it to at rtnair91@gmail.com. If you like what I write, make sure you FOLLOW the blog.)


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