The Other Angle: Readers vs Great Readers

That you are a reader, says nothing about you being wise. Wisdom is always in the actions. Reading might still mean that you’re curious. Being curious is a good quality to have.

‘If You Have Not Read this…You Know Nothing’

There are certain kind of people who’d walk up to their seniors, even a Ph.D. on the topic and tell them how they can’t miss this particular book as if it must be read before the world ends. Although I am no Ph.D. on the subject but I am a feminist. I meet a lot of people who tell me:

“If you haven’t read, ‘The Room of One’s Own’, how can you call yourself a Feminist?”


To be fair, I tried to read it much early in life, right after college. But somehow I didn’t like it as much and left it in the middle. Not all things in this world require reading. Some things come with personal experience, empathy, understanding, and sensitivity. I am not a textbook feminist. I am one by my own experience and sensitivity. But they come along belittling you for not having read something.

Reader’s Arrogance

Arrogant readers are laughable. If nothing else, reading should make you more humble because you know for a fact that there are many others who know much more than you. You need to remember that you have just read the book, you haven’t written it. Hence don’t have a sense of entitlement over the knowledge you have gathered. A senior writer friend always says, ‘Knowledge turns into wisdom only in motion’.

For the Non-Readers

Some people just can’t read, whatever you say to them. Either they don’t have the appetite for reading, they can’t concentrate on a book for too long or might have some learning disabilities. But that does not mean that they don’t deserve to know. A great reader is the one who tries to simplify and summarize a great book and recommend it to people. Like a lot of academic work is meaningful but it is complex hence people are unable to read or relate. This stuff of brilliance needs to be simplified and presented.

I love GoodReads for its feature of Recommendations. You can recommend a book to someone through it. Book recommendation is a serious art. It can be life-altering for the other person!

For the Writers

If you know how to write (not in the literary context), and have a decent kind of writing, it becomes your responsibility to share it with people. What is the point of so much of reading?

 Help People Read

It is your responsibility as a reader to summarize the complicated text that you read, whether it is fiction or non-fiction. Tell stories to your friends and people. Simplify and share those complex concepts. And make sure you do it with absolute humility.


Being a reader is easy. You do it for the love of reading. But being a great reader is difficult. It is a responsibility. It has nothing to do with how many books you have read or how big is your library. How much you have read does not matter, if you are planning to die with all of it lying on your chest.


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