The Eternal Search and the Eternal Find

Losing a best friend

It’s an eternal search
And an eternal find
The one so rare
That it might not ever
Happen again.

It’s not easy as a rhyme
In a naïve poem
It’s a classic
Without a rhyme
Yet perfect.

It’s just the presence
Of that one person
That drives energy
That builds conversation
Some even without words.

It’s an eternal search
And an eternal find
Not because there are no other people
But because there are very few
That get you.

It’s an eternal search
Because everyone is just trying
Not to be lonely

 And everyone’s looking for
One final solace.

It’s an eternal find
Because it’s a rare event
That you find that one friend
And not lose them
To life or death.

It’s fine when you lose them to life
Because you can be happy breathing
The same air they breath
At least hope that
Someday you’d meet.

It’s tragic when you lose them to death
Because philosophies put aside
No one deserves to lose
Their everyday muse
That one eternal find.

It’s tragic when you must move on
With answered questions on
Why to wake up in the morning?
And why to sleep at night?
And what next goals to have.

It’s tragic that you must still live
And must not blame death
Live everyday that nothing’s missing
But what about the nights?
When you come back to your lonely self.

There are of course other people
But who will bother?
To start it all over
The tiring trial and error
Leading to immense disappointment.

And of course it is wrong to compare
And life must move on
And other similar sentences
That don’t have hands
To come and wipe your tears…

(Death of a loved one could be worse than dying yourself. Though no one survived to tell. So let’s end it at that. Liked what you read up there? Would love to know if you could relate. If you want to receive my updates, Follow my blog)


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