The Other Angle: How We Interview Women

As an entrepreneur, I know the level of scrutiny that goes while interviewing someone for recruitment in your office. You don’t want the wrong person. But at times in certain situations, we tend to go overboard, especially when interviewing a woman. When all our usual questions come to end, if she’s single, we ask, “Are you planning to get married any time soon?” and if she’s married then, “Is your husband supportive? and “Planning to have a baby soon?” or “If someday, you have to work till 9, will you?”

Reality may be different. We see guys who say in interviews they’ll stay back late but never do. We see girls who never have to stay back because their work is never pending. We see guys who switch jobs close to home for just a better salary and we see girls traveling from Sarkhej to Naroda everyday for years, same salary. And of course we see the reverse cases too. Reality is that, we assume too much based on our limited experiences and judge more based on gender. And our assumptions about women, are largely human elements that could happen with anyone, men too.

We want to recruit employees who’d say yes to stay back instead of recruiting people who’d rather work sincerely within the work hours and deadlines. Unlike for most women for whom working means managing work with household fully (and if they cannot, they ‘must quit’); perhaps a person like me can work late because she might have some supportive people at home (especially mom). True for most men, who are supported by their moms/wives. Remember: You have the luxury to do that. And just because someone comes and leaves on time doesn’t mean they are any less productive or sincere.

(This post was first translated in Gujarati and published in City Bhaskar, Ahmedabad in the 7 Feb 2016 edition. Liked it? Hated it? Let me know! Comment here or get in touch at


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