If you want to experience a city in its entirety, you must explore their old city. Past weekend,  during a walk in the Udaipur old city, I realised it is is most definitely the most unmissable experiences in Udaipur which is otherwise known for its city palace and lakes. In the old city, you’ll find interesting eye pleasing clothes and jewellery, also lip smacking gulab jamun and other sweets and houses in narrow lanes. People are warm and courteous. You could find some  Store owners fluent in English and are experts in their own field.

I’ve always seen a relation of our ads and promotions to what we actually are and how we see things. Sometimes these are cheesy, at times funny in their own ways. Here are some of the interesting bill boards and walls I found in Udaipur old city.

(Piercing quite literally, editing not really)

(Sensually fragrant)

(Doors so narrow, if you fit through these, you don’t need to loose weight)

(More importantly, IIT Jodhpur)

(If you don’t like my handicrafts, I can give you an eye test)

(Cutest drawing award)

(Fill in the blanks: Garv se kahe, hum ……….. hai)

(Beautiful graffiti on walls)

(Liked it? Hated it? Would love to know. Comment here or let me know in some way!)



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