The Forbidden Fruit (A Poem)



Endearing eyes
Lovely Smile
But the eyes
Parched and regretful
Began to speak
What her mouth couldn’t.
Her lips dry
Lines on her forehead
Spoke of helpness
Shoulders shook in shame
Because how could she ask for love?
And make no mistake
For there was love
For 20 years
But no rains to soothe.
There were kids and their games
There was work and its fires
There was family and its pressures
But no pleasure to caress.
She hadn’t felt,
The pleasure that a woman needs.
And she’d bathe in cold water
To numb every corner
Of her lonely body
But it did nothing but
Rip apart, her sacred soul
She wished it was enough
It wasn’t.
It was love that she wanted
Only thing that she desired
But it took her 25 years
To cross the forbidden
And then one day…………………….

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