Oscar Winning ‘Whiplash’ should raise at least these 3 questions

Oscar winning movie ‘Whiplash’ which is an amazing musical movie, and I loved the music, sound and direction— tries to prove a dangerous point. It should raise at least three questions in our minds, if not more: 

1. How hard do you push a child in order to get them to success? 

2. Does pushing in such extreme ways lead to success? Are these the only ways we are left with? 

3. Who defines success or brilliance? Does not being brilliant take away their right to live happily?

Make them bleed, insult, give psychotic emotional trauma, make them want to kill themselves, make them go to extreme ends to win, make them anti-social. All this for Success-Brilliance-Perfection? Just asking. 


2 thoughts on “Oscar Winning ‘Whiplash’ should raise at least these 3 questions

  1. I haven’t watched the movie, but I would surely like to say that we shouldn’t push a child too much even if it is for their success, because success is something that they should taste it themselves and yearn for, it shouldn’t be like a multivitamin tablet that we give them forcefully because they don’t like it, saying that it is for their betterment.


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