Short & Sweet: I believe in God, but…

I believe in God. I always have. My faith is a little different than others around and so they have a lot of problems with me. “ Why don’t you go to temple?”, they ask.  “If God is everywhere and in everyone, why do I have to go to the temple?”, I try to simplify. It’s not that simple for them.
My business partner is an atheist. We’ve been friends for 4 years now. Yet, I don’t remember a single instance where he has had any complaints from my beliefs. Neither has he ever tried to ‘ convert’ me nor has he ever ridiculed my beliefs. I have a lot of other atheist friends, they are some of my closest people. Same thing about them. I’ve seen their non-interference in any of the “religious” activities around.
On the other side, it is difficult to logically justify the rules and regulations on how to worship God, where to go to find them and what to say so that they give you what you want. That’s where religion comes into the picture.

As a matter of fact, I never ask for anything from God. In fact, God could just be an alter ego or conscience or a crazy hallucination for that matter (Common! It’s crazy and at least I accept it). But really, why not a hallucination? All of us live in our own bubbles. This is my bubble. It’s a space where I can be comfortable. It’s my comfort zone. That’s how at times, my friends become God and then at times Papa appears to be God. I’m fine with the small ‘g’ for god too. I don’t have such ego issues.
And thank god, this god need not be worshiped, Now, how can anyone tell me how to talk to my God? If you believe in God, you need to tolerant about how someone else does and also about the ones who don’t. I think that’s what God would want too and then after all, your inability to understand someone’s concept of God doesn’t make it non-existent. And then you torture, torment and kill in the name of God. Sure.
Isn’t it strange and ironical as to who appears to be intolerant here? I read this somewhere a few years back and think it suits to be my last word to the other theists then: There is God and you’re not it.

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