Perhaps the most beautiful thing is the first ever Expression of Love. Unfortunately it is mixed with a ridiculously inappropriate term called ‘The Proposal’.

“So then he proposed me.”
“Imagine! She proposed me.”

Apart from the fact that it’s the most hyped part of the ball-game and there is unnecessary pressure and unlimited liability on “the guy” to “propose”; the “proposal” is actually the most basic mistake to begin with. When you express your love for the first time, it’s an intense expression, agreed. But that’s it. You aren’t proposing anything. You can’t propose anything. You probably start with a pure feeling for someone, you express it and then perhaps, hope that they feel for you too, in the same way. And if they do, you’d know.

But it’s not like:

“Oh I love you. So tell me now, do you love me?”

Or is it?

The term “proposal” creates an unfair expectation of attainment in return of love.

And then we come up with weird concepts. I should love you because you love me. (That’s stupid.) Or even worse, if I don’t love You means I love someone else. The worst one: If You tell me you love me and I don’t love you, we can’t be friends anymore.

Beyond everything, short and bitter: You can’t propose love. You can just express it.




2 thoughts on “Short & Sweet: Why you shouldn’t ‘propose’ your love!

  1. Hey Aarti, this expression of yours lived up to it’s title- Short and sweet. You easily expressed love in simple words effortlessly which is not an easy thing to do. Emotions are always difficult to describe, and love (with all the noises that we believe about love) would have been even more so. Kudos to you!


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