To All Those Men


It is something peculiar about a lot of metro-sexual men that they get attracted to educated, strong, confident and fiercely independent women. So basically that man generally feels he has found his ‘dream girl’ and if they get married (if they do), he suddenly notices her wife leaving all her independence and work and focusing on being “the housewife” and suddenly the woman who once so attractive, now becomes boring. To all those men:

Who did you suppose would have managed the household when both of you’d be out? Did you both take your job prospects into account before planning the pregnancy, that you’ll have to take care of the baby too? Did you take a leave from office (ever) to take care of your kid when your wife was out working? Did you ever think of staying at home for a while when she finishes her work? Did you give her the space to decide about her own career?

Forget that! Have you (ever) even waited for her post 11PM when she is munching snacks with drinks at a friend’s place? Do you know how it feels when you’ve cooked the meal and they call you to say they’re eating out? Do you know how it feels to be at home all day long? Do you know that keeping a maid at home doesn’t solve all the life’s problems?

I am not saying that the woman is a perfect, flawless being but if You haven’t done all or any of this, then You might as well Shut Up. Actually doing all this requires a lot of love and compassion, something which is said to come naturally to woman. Sad. Though there are many, many, many men these days who are supporting their wives in some inexplicably brilliant ways….by doing all these things and so much more. and the number is increasing.

But YOU….You have absolutely no right of criticizing or being dissatisfied. It’s better that you sit and criticize the patriarchy and the society and be happy with the occasional cooking/cleaning/being with the kid that you do while flaunting every single moment of it to your friends(mostly on Facebook because others really don’t give a shit and then introducing your wife as a ‘home-maker’. Let me tell you, you are no better.

She’ll bloody well be a “home-maker!” What option have you left her with?



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