iWork: My Experiments with Life

In spite of belonging to the same fraternity, I would like to take this risk today; a risk to point out that when work/job is concerned, we, the Youth of this country need to develop a necessary quality: Patience and the good thing is that it isn’t a Talent that you are born with, it is a skill that you can develop! Before you gear up taking an offence, by Youth, I mean people who are currently studying or have finished their graduation or the ones who have even finished their PG. So what are the TOP 3 REASONS FOR NOT WORKING (when Young):

  1. Maza Nai Aaya Yaar. Actually, the JOB wasn’t ‘much’ ‘fun’: For people who believe a JOB is ever going to be fun and the people who believe a JOB is ever supposed to be fun: REALITY CHECK!!! A job is a JOB. It is not necessary that it’ll be fun. It isn’t fun for Shah Rukh Khan. It isn’t fun for Anil Ambani. It wasn’t fun for Steve Jobs. It can’t be fun for the basic fact that it requires an utmost level of sincerity, commitment and concentration and anything with a combination of these three things for 5-6 days a week, 8 hours a day is not going to be fun. Sitting home and playing video games with Friends and Cousin is supposed to be Fun, right? Still if you are asked to do it every day for a specific number of hours, it won’t be fun anymore.  And yet, a JOB is a place where you gain experience. The more you give patience to it, the more you learn. The jack is to not give up easily. Look for something that interests you and work for it and if you don’t know what interests you, get into anything that comes up and Bloody Say, “I’ll Work!” because all of us want to become Steve Jobs without working like he used to.
  2. And the Pay wasn’t that good: I do not want to be rude but I’ll be straight.  A fresher does not deserve to set their price (especially the ones pursuing/finishing graduation). Of course there is a reasonable amount that everybody deserves but expecting a 20K thing for a tiny bit that you do is nothing but your Ego talking. It is basically because you are FRESHER for god’s sake. The company is going to invest their time, money and resources in you to Train you first of all, to make you Job ready and You still get money for it knowing that you are an intern and you might soon leave them for a better pay or a Post-Graduation and YET, it takes you 1 full minute to give a commitment for 6 months! The Pay is never going to be good enough at your level. Just keep the pay aside for a second and think, “Is this giving me good work experience? Do I stand to gain more in long term?” If yes, then Go for It! It might not be very huge in your CV but if you ask successful businessmen, you might see a big smile on their face while they talk about their first internship experience and how important it was.
  3. It was Too Hectic: We’ve been taking a lot of interviews recently and the reasons that we hear most often are: “4 hours after college and then my RAT classes(name changed to avoid silly debates) will be very hectic for me and I won’t be able to give my 100%.” and “Oh! The office is so far away from my home (for a 30 minute drive)” and “I don’t want to compromise my studies….”   

Dear Students,

The day you go for an interview into a BIG Corporate or whatever the hell is your dream, the only differentiating factor between you and the person sweating near you will be some JOB/ON GROUND/EXTRA CURRICULAR experience. We still don’t know which one of you, will have that.

 One of my closest friends works as an intern for one of the World’s ‘Big Four Companies’  in the field of Chartered Accountancy and he smiles when he says: “ I work for 10 hours a day. I have even worked from 8 AM to 1 AM and I get some 18000 bucks a month now, after working for 1.5 years. I don’t think my work is Fun. It’s unbearable on several occasions but when I compare with the experience I get at the end of the day, it’s beyond words. I have worked with some of the greatest players in the market across fields, been sent on mind boggling resorts for office picnics, have been treated like a king by my clients (post work hours:P) and have received a Company Accelerator Award (1st trophy of my life).  It’s not the best job in the world. It’s currently the best learning space for me. “

All of us applaud great books like Rich Dad Poor Dad and conveniently don’t take its most basic lesson: “When you have 2 options in hand, choose the one who gives you more experience as compared to money.” Get up. Get going. No job is too small. No money is small money.

I would like to be humble here but choose not to be. I have been working since the age of 17. (I am 22 now). I used to teach English and Grammar to kids2 years younger to me for a mere 2000Rs a month. During my college, I started working for a research and data entry firm for about 8000Rs a month with pay variable to the amount of hours I put (I have also earned 12K at times: P). I still remember myself waking up at 6 AM, attending college, sitting with friends during recess and dreaming of the future, going to office directly from college and post work going to a small community to teach school kids for the NGO I used to work with. It used to be a hell tiring journey for a 19 year old girl. All my work places I usually used to be the only girl. But I did it. I was a 19 year old then who’d extensively (almost annoyingly) talk about WOMEN and INDEPENDENCE and EMPOWERMENT. I’d have no right to talk that shit if I myself wasn’t independent and a huge chunk of it comes from being Financially Independent!

Also, when I think of the sleep I used to get at nights, it still brings a smile on my face. It was hectic, I hated certain parts of it at times but it was a necessary experience and it has made me what I am today.  And to stress the point, I have worked for free too.

Since the past 5 months, I am working as a Co-Founder & COO. We have paid so many interns till now, will continue paying so many but still we work without salaries with utmost commitment for, at times, odd  working hours with all sorts of pressures and we love it! We know we’ll earn money someday. This moment is to Earn Experience and that makes us Rich for now.

To say the least, there are so many people like me,  better than me out there, who are rubbing their asses off , working on someone else’s business or their own; to gain experience, knowledge and a little financial independence too. Most of us are lucky that we can work as a Choice. For most of our parents (including mine), it was a matter of Survival.

If you want to take true Inspiration from Steve Jobs and all other great people (besides sharing their quotes with their smartass pictures): START HOW THEY STARTED. START SMALL. START YOUNG.


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