Goddess or Woman?

When I was li’l, had heard even god was a woman.

That she is watching us all from up there.

But somehow I feel she won’t know,

What it is to be one.


For she had a benefit since birth,

The reason her idol is always smiling

The biggest boon of her life;

That she never had to live on this earth.


She didn’t have to wonder what to wear

A jean a tee or a kurta and jean

She wouldn’t mind anything

Anything which could make those eyes not stare.


Those eyes which skillfully penetrate,

The look that she’d fear and hate

The look as if they were peacefully undressing you while she…

She never felt that sweat on her forehead.


She was never disallowed to go outside

She was never disallowed because she was a girl

And so she never understood how Unfair!


Her Husband never used to beat her,

Her baby never got rejected

Her heart never felt dejected

Her values were never stood trodden

Her dreams, never broken.


She was never forcefully held by someone

No one could dare stalk

Liberty could be her passion;

A door that needed no lock.


She didn’t have to go get a job

In a world where she knew men were dominant

In a world where even men knew that they were..

She never had to sit erect, when inside the fear made her heart throb.


Fear of the unwanted

Fear of the undesired

Fear of reality.


She never had to worry how to talk,

Think about her manner of walk,

As to what the guy will think;

Even when she will simply wink.


If still I am patient with this world

And still am smiling at my poor being

Why does the man who bows in front of the goddess

Wants to cage me, just at the cost of his ring?



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